Замок Шереметева
425370, Mari El, Yurino, Central avenue, 1.
Coordinates: 56.286570, 46.294081 (open in the navigator)


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Tours are held daily from 10 am to 4 pm (without weekends and holidays).

Rooms are open around the clock.

Как до нас добраться

From Nizhny Novgorod by car
Along the Kirov highway, across the Borsky bridge. Pass Semenov, get to Bokovaya station, then turn right to Voskresenskoe.
In Voskresenskoye, get to the intersection with the traffic light, turn right. You can go around Voskresenskoye on the bypass road before entering
to Voskresenskoe there will be a right turn - the main road, and a pointer to Mari El. After Voskresenskoye go straight in the direction
to Yoshkar-Ola.
Having reached the fork with signs to Yoshkar-Ola, turn left and turn right at Yurino.
Having entered the village of Yurino, drive all the time along the main road, drive past the sports complex and get to the square. Landmark - a large beautiful church is
Archangel Michael Church and a white brick fortress wall. You can leave your car in the square.
From Yoshkar-Ola by car
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